A downloadable Jam-Game for Windows

Part of the Butterscotch Shenanijam! The theme I received was 'Charismatic Counterpunch'. It's stupidly difficult and not very good, but I found myself liking the idea and may return to it after the jam is over. Presently, the game is in the honest state it was when I ran out of time for the jam and decided  to get it into a semi-coherent state.

In this game, you are a Cool Dude with a Big Fist. Punch Uncool Dudes and dodge stylishly through COOLSHOTS to increase your Charisma, and thus your power! Probably the most fun thing in this game is punching enemies into other enemies and watching everything ricochet all over the place. The game is endless, and enemies quickly swarm. When you die, it restarts. 

WASD to move.

Left Click to Punch.

Right Click to Dodge.

P to Pause.

R to go to next wave.

ESC to Quit.

 Have fun, if you can! :D


Charismatic Counterpunch.exe 4 MB


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Dude I tried to get to the last level using "R" key, ended up crashing the game. I gues that is my bad for cheating.